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Where Is My Dragon (WIMD)

The first card game based on ITEMS Standard. Where Is My Dragon is a card-crafting game. Your objective is to acquire one of the 7 Unicorn Dragon cards. These entitle you to a portion of the treasury.

The first ETH game based on ITEMS!

In Where Is My Dragon, your goal is to find one of seven legendary Unicorn Dragons. As a dragon hunter, your journey will involve farming, swapping and crafting. You will pioneer exploration of the new ITEM token standard, which synthesizes ERC20s, ERC721s and ERC1155s into a single superstandard.

Game Rules

Where Is My Dragon is a card-crafting game. Your objective is to acquire one of the 7 legendary Unicorn Dragon cards, which entitle you to a portion of the treasury.

Every 6300 Ethereum blocks—approximately once a day—the treasury increases via the inflation of $BUIDL, $UniFi & $ARTE into circulation.

Common Cards

Unicorn Cat (Max Supply: 10,000)

In the Ethereum network, everyone loves Unicorn Cats. They're adorable!.

Penguin Fancy Shoes (Max Supply: 10,000)

Penguins are DeFi addicts, who spend all of the DAI and USDC they earn from farming, lending and staking on fancy shoes—and they always buy four shoes at once. Why? And it looks like they know something about dragons, too…

Magician Cat (Max Supply: 10,000)

While common in the Ethereum universe, Magician cats are very powerful, and can perform amazing feats.

Magician Unicorn (Max Supply: 10,000)

Magicians are being sighted between blocks more and more often. How they turn into Unicorns remains a mystery, and there are rumors they can evolve into strange, supernatural creatures.

Common Cards Deck (WCCD)

To simplify liquidity, Farming cards is about providing liquidity via the Covenants Index ITEM "WIMD - Common Cards Deck" mintable by 1 unit of the four Common cards. Anytime 1 unit of WIMD - Common Cards Deck correspond to 1 unit of of the four Common cards by burning it.


Crafting is burning cards to obtain new ones. All crafting formulas require different amounts of the three card types (i.e common, rare and legendary). (The exact amount and types of cards required to craft is a secret!)

The Unicorn Dragon is the most difficult to craft. Let us give you some hints on how it can be done…

1 - There are six methods.

2 - Once one method is used, it’s impossible to use again.

3 - Think about the transaction... you have to reach the right block.

Not all cards are craftable. 10 rare cards—5 Penguin Unicorns and 5 Unicorn Ghosts—and 2 legendary Unicorn Dragons are being inflated fractionally into circulation over one year by the DFOhub and NERV wallets.

0.01 Unicorn Dragons, 0.03 Penguin Unicorns and 0.03 Unicorn Ghosts are inflated into circulation each week.

Rare Cards

Penguin Unicorn (Max Supply: 100)

According to an ancient myth, wonderful creatures known as Penguin Unicorns once roamed the blockchain, living in harmony with nature. Tragically, they became hooked on DeFi, and devolved into the degenerates we see among us today. But some say that a few Penguin Unicorns stayed pure, and can be found today by the searching eye.

Unicorn Ghost (Max Supply: 50)

Unicorn Ghosts are the ultimate form of Unicorns. These deathly shades transcend the metaphysics of Solidity Law, and can apparently appear in many places simultaneously. If two or more meet in one wallet, they open the door for a legendary creature from another dimension.

Legendary Cards

Unicorn Dragon (Max Supply: 7)

Unicorn Dragons are legendary. We can’t be sure they really exist. But if they do, they must hoard extraordinary treasure, treasure that can be yours, if you can find them.

The Fragmented Dragons

There may be 7 Unicorn Dragons in total, but Uniswap and other AMMs lock a tiny portion of tokens when you create a pair. Thus, the two dragons mentioned above will never be fully inflated into circulation. This means that to complete the seventh, part of the eighth will have to be acquired, and so the eight will never be whole, and nobody will be able to redeem its share of treasure. This is why all of the calculations are based on 6 existing dragons.