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The R&D of the ethOS is managed by both public and private organizations. The private one is NERV, which is us. We operate as a DFO behind the scenes, presiding over beta development of the protocol as a whole.

Our Strategy to Relieve Control

At NERV, we're building EthOS to reach a New Ethereum Order. Working at EthOS means approaching some of the most advanced challenges on top of ETH. It's hard, but we have cool memes. Join NERV

Our path to truly decentralized On-Chain Organizations spans the entire beta stage of development.

From v0.1 through version 0.3 we have maintained complete control, but will gradually relieve it so that when v1.0 rolls out, we will have no more than just a regular token holder governing the protocol.

In this way, we’ll be like the Ethereum Foundation, just one development team among others.

First Step to Relieve Control

After the Update to Computational Organizations (if already tested or two at least two months after), NERV will no longer hold any Equity in the treasury. NERV will rule the three Organizations via an experimenting Tokenless Governance that permits NERV to reduce risks associated with holding assets and maintaining the powers needed at the status of the R&D to rule the code of them. With Tokenless Governance, NERV will be able to vote at the ECO level by mint-vote-burn in an atomic transaction, without any chances to use these tokens elsewhere. In fact, NERV will be able to vote at the ECO level, but not at the subDAO level, reducing its governance power for the first step.

NERV Use Case and Long Term Strategy

NERV is the private organization used to rule the development of the Ethereans OS technology in the short run, by investing in the development of it, and it is filled by the 50% of the Inflation of Buidl, UniFi, and Arte via the Fixed Inflation mechanism. Thanks to its funding model, NERV is totally free from the corporate capture of Ethereum and can work independently maintaining the mission of the project without the need to deal with off-chain forces or any external requirements (earnings, businesses, etc.).

The Strategy and the why NERV exists are to equilibrate the technological and human risks of the on-chain organization architecture during its development.

As we write about in the original Strategy page of since day 1 of this R&D: "We're Exploring the Unknown."

EthereansOS Tokens are the first equities of protocols ever made on Ethereum. Token holders have full powers over the On-chain organization's functions and assets, just as equity holders have full power over a real-world company's decisions and assets. We (the core team) can also vote and direct DFOhub—but only because we have our tokens. This means that for Ethereans OS-based Dapps there are no special permissions or off-chain forces. Tokens are the only key to execute, run code, build functions, and manage the assets of Organizations.

The Strategy of NERV is to maintain the powers during the Ethereans OS development and lose it step by step during the exploration, improvement, and development of the protocol. Our aim with NERV is to lose our control and become just one of the teams that work to improve the protocol.

When we advance to v0.8, NERV will reconstruct itself as an on-chain VC, and fund both the development of the protocol and ethOS startups, using functions like ILOs (Initial Liquidity Offerings) and IBOs (Initial Boost offerings).

The Public Organizations (DFOhub, Covenants, Items) and NERV synergies are strategic to maintain the developing of the protocol-independent from Off-chain forces and reaching two levels of investments and management choices:

The Public, holders of buidl UniFi and arte decisions (with both of these three public Funds)

NERV, empowered by team decisions.

Reaching the best from anons, speculators, and short term focussed visions (with all of the interest to earn money personally) and long term tech-focused vision of the team who build it (with interest to make Ethereum better in the long run).