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The R&D of the ethOS is managed by both public and private organizations. The private one is NERV, which is us. We operate as a DFO behind the scenes, presiding over beta development of the protocol as a whole.

Our Strategy to Relieve Control

At NERV, we're building EthOS to reach a New Ethereum Order. Working at EthOS means approaching some of the most advanced challenges on top of ETH. It's hard, but we have cool memes. Join NERV

Our path to a fully decentralized ethOS ecosystem spans the entire beta stage of development. From v0.1 through to v0.3, we have maintained complete control, but with the release of v0.5, we will begin handing it over to $OS holders.

The First Step

Before the release of v0.5, NERV will burn all of the $BUIDL, $UniFi and $ARTE in its treasury; i.e, we will no longer hold any equity of the DFOhub, Covenants or Items DFOs. This means that when those three tokens switch to $OS, and those three DFOs merge into the ethOS DFO, NERV will continue to rule ethOS via tokenless governance, but only at a macro-DFO level via atomic mint-vote-burn transactions.

Tokenless governance cannot be used to govern the subDAOs that will be released with v0.5. Only $OS can; holders will fully govern $OS inflation, treasury management, delegations etc. This is a major step toward the uncompromisingly decentralized governance already available to non-ethOS DFOs.

The Raison d'Être of NERV and Its Long Term Strategy

NERV is the private organization dedicated to ruling over the development of ethOS technology until the release of ethOS v1.0. It has been funded purely via the inflation of $BUIDL, $UniFi & $ARTE, and with the release of v0.5, it will be funded purely via the inflation of $OS.

Thanks to its funding model, NERV is completely free of corporate capture, and paves the way for Ethereum to be the same, as it can easily be replicated by anyone. We can work with total independence on our mission without having to worry about the distortive influence of off-chain entities like Venture Capitalists, or about the requirements particular to off-chain businesses.

NERV exists to equilibrate the human & technological elements of the development of on-chain organization architecture.

From day 1, as we wrote in our original strategy paper, we have been “exploring the unknown.

When we advance to ethOS v0.8, NERV will reconstruct itself as an on-chain VC dedicated to funding not only development of the protocol but also ethOS startups, using tools like ILOs (Initial Liquidity Offerings) and IBOs (Initial Boost Offerings).